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Emmanuel Seventh-day Adventist School & Preschool
                               702 North Cherry Street
                            Hammond, Louisiana 70401

1920 - 1996
In the early nineteen twenties, Mr. William Thomas Brown moved to Hammond, Louisiana from Greenfield, Mississippi to complete the task of organizing Hammond's first Adventist school which was the first, and only, Black private school in Tangipahoa Parish. It was totally supported by funds collected from the Church and tuitorial fees.  After its organization, it had roughly about twenty students which included children from the surrounding community, as well as, children of Emmanuel SDA Church. 

Grades one through eight were taught in the wood-framed church building on North Cherry Street until the  "Great Depression." Because of personal problems, Mr. Brown was forced to leave Hammond, and the economy did not allow the church to continue supporting the school.  Therefore, classes were abrutly discontinued.

The Church struggled through the "Depression" however, the church growth and ideas about a Christian school were stagnant for nearly 22 years until a teacher and brother of the church named Willie Jackson came to Hammond.  With unceasing effort, he rekindled the fire of Emmanuel Church School - now known as Emmanuel SDA School and Preschool.

While people do not recall the exact number, and although many Adventist youth attended public schools between 1932 and 1953, older members in the church do recall that the ministers tutored the children in religious and academic subjects in private homes and in the church.  Mr. Jackson left after a short period of time but another church member, Miss Johnson, continued to tutor in the wooden church which was about 40 years old.

After the new church was erected in 1956, Pastor Rudley became the principal and one of the teachers of the growing Adventist School.  He also initiated the school's first hot lunch program in 1956.  Many of his students recall being served steaming hot bowls of chilli beans on cold winter mornings.  The school was moved from inside the church building into a small wooden building next door in 1956.

Pastor Follette had the old schoolhouse torn down and replaced by a cinder block building in the early 70's.  Later, he added another room to the school which enabled the upper and lower grades to be separated.  This separation was the beginning of kindergarten classes.

Through the years, and succession of teachers, the school developed into a three phase operation consisting of a preschool, kindergarten and grades one through eight.

Once the church changed location to 1401 Harrell Avenue, the old Church was renovated into a Daycare and Preschool Center.  The school grew into a two room building, a modernized cafeteria, several upstairs and downstairs rooms which accommodated a total of 55 students.

The School is now fenced in to allow all the children a playground.  Space was provided across the street from the School for baseball, basketball and other games that required a large playing area.

From its humble beginning, with only one teacher, the School grew to include four instuctors in the Preschool and two full time certified teachers, plus two aides, who taught kindergarten and grades one through eighth.  Although the School may lack some of the newer teaching aids, former students of the school have traditionally done above average work in the public schools once they left.

Emmanuel SDA Church School, Preschool and Daycare now operates on the assumption that students who receive quality academic and spiritual counsel in the formative years will continue to seek academic and spiritual rewards throughout life.  Our School, after 33 years of continuous operation, is continuing to progress on the site of the original North Cherry Street Church with a total of 110 students in 1986.

1996 - 2016
Our School made great stirdes through the years with many teachers, principals and hundreds of students who were educated in an environment that was conducive to learning.  Emmanuel SDA School & Preschool was very productive, well known in the community, and the teachers and staff took pride in educating, training and serving every student at a very low cost.  However, somewhere down the road, the bright LIGHT started to go dim - our enrollment started to drop, the staff decreased, and more and more Black private Daycares and Schools became competitive as the parents took advantage  of the Child Care Assistance Program with the State. 

By 2014, the Daycare had only three students enrolled, and the School had only seven.  To keep the School and Daycare opened looked very  dim at that time.  However, God stepped in and impressed upon Tiangela Williams' heart to take the challenge to become Principal, and druing that same time, the Lord impressed upon Jacqueline Matthews Waldon's heart to obtain financial assistance to beautify the Daycare and School.  The enrollment in the Daycare increased to seven and in the school it increased to fourteen. 

As of April 2016, Emmanual Alumni Association was established by the Emmanuel SDA School & Preschool Board with Jacqueline Matthews Waldon as the President, Lavern Sanders as Secretary and Tammy Ard as Treasurer.  The plan for the newly formed Alumni Association is to contact the Alumni and supporters to financially support, help renovate and beautify the School and Preschool. The Alumni and the Emmanuel SDA Church are excited about the VISION.

The Emmanuel Alumni Association is mainly hoping to help regain that LIGHT that once beamed so brightly in the city of Hammond.  Please visit the School's website for more details - www.emmanuel23.adventistschoolconnect.org. 

God is moving in a mighty way, and we are looking for an increase in enrollment for the 2016-2017 school year. Please join us as we make more history by completing the Phase One Project. He has given our Alumni President the VISION, and therefore we are moving on in FAITH. 

May 2016 - Present
Daring to ask GOD for more...

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